16 April 2014

Easter Fun

I've put together a few Easter-themed DIYs for the upcoming weekend, all of which would I would love to try out myself... although I'm not quite sure my skills are at a level where I could successfully fill a cake with chocolate eggs, but maybe you've got what it takes!

Flowers and colourful goblets would suit an Easter table spread just perfectly. Aleah and Nick have put together a very pretty how-to on their blog, Valley and Co Lifestyle

Cuteness alert! Isn't this the most adorable little crafty chick you have ever laid eyes on? I love this, you'll need an assortment of crafty things so head on over to Handmade Charlotte for the tutorial 

This is the perfect Easter cake, complete with chocolate bunny, eggs and polka dots. The tutorial is in German, but you can use Google Chrome to translate it for you and it is nice and easy to follow, find it here

Vanessa from Tried and True decorated these pretty eggs with glue-dots, double-sided tape and a little glitter and they look beautiful! The perfect project for any scrapbookers out there - you'll have everything on hand already :)

I couldn't find the original source for these strawberries-turned-carrots, but I just loved this idea! Cover your strawberries in either orange icing, or melt white chocolate and add a few drops of orange food dye. 

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter break, I'm headed to Sydney to visit my family for a much needed mini-holiday. My sister and I are going to attempt to make our own marshmallows, attempt #2 I should add, hopefully we succeed this time! And apart from that, the only thing on my agenda is chocolate eating :)

Alisha x

14 April 2014

Give away time!

Late last week something very exciting happened for me, I reached 100 likes on Facebook, and 100 followers on Instagram! Yay! And so, I've decided to celebrate and say thank you to everyone who has supported me with a give away! It was going to be a little prize pack, but one thing led to another and it has turned into quite the collection of Lady Papery delights.

The prize includes (from top left and going clockwise) 10 pink floral tags, 5m blue baker's twine, 10 mini pegs, 10 french paper doilies, 10 kraft gift tags, 5m pink cotton twine, 1 x roll of floral fabric tape and 5m blue cotton twine! Yup, all your gift wrapping needs will be sorted for the foreseeable future :)

Entering is easy, simply like my giveaway posts on my Facebook page or Instagram feed. Everyone can enter twice (and why not double your chances?), once on Facebook and once on Instagram.

Entries close Friday 18th April at 11.59pm (AEST), the winner will be selected at random and I will be announcing who the lucky lady is on Saturday morning, good luck everyone!

Alisha x

9 February 2014

Sunday Swoon - Mint & Peach

Welcome to my first Sunday Swoon! This will be a new section on my blog where I'll share with you all sorts of swoon-worthy pretties every other Sunday - this week's theme is mint and peach, so without further ado... 

There's only one things that beats a beautiful vintage book, and that's a set of beautiful vintage books, obviously. This lovely little collection was curated by Jay who runs the delightfully vintage Etsy store Found by Her

ModCloth is full of super cute outfits with even cuter names. I love the peach lace overlay on this dress, which is called Will and Graceful 

So this is possibly the weirdest and possibly the most delicious drink I have ever heard of, although perhaps an acquired taste? It's made using candy corn (if you aren't familiar with American confectionary, this is a very sweet gummy lolly) and has pop rocks around the rim of the glass. So you drink sweet, candy goodness while your mouth fizzes and pops. See? Weird, but also delicious. You can find the recipe here

This 'Girl' print by Twaianese artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng is absolutely beautiful, what amazing talent

These Embark earrings by Anthropologie would be the perfect accompaniment to the Will and Graceful dress, don't you think? I certainly do

I hope you enjoyed the swoon as much as I did! I'm now convinced that both my house and wardrobe are lacking in peachy and minty things, a problem with a very enjoyable solution so I'm ok with it haha.

In other news, I have my first day of uni for the year tomorrow, which I'm both excited and slightly nervous about. This means I won't be able to put as much time into my blog and Etsy shop as I have been, which is kind of worrying when I think about it. While on holidays and with almost all the time in the world I still didn't get around to doing nearly as many things as I wanted to get done! But who knows, maybe my (very) well hidden organisational skills will finally show themselves. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and relaxing weekend, and to anyone else headed back to class this week - good luck!

Alisha xx

7 February 2014

Quick Shop Update

I am slowly but surely getting a a few new items ready to add the my Etsy shop which is exciting! I thought I would quickly share a few snaps of my favourite new arrivals....

You can never go wrong with kraft shipping tags, which is one of the reasons why I love them so much! I'll be adding medium and large sized tags for all your wrapping needs in the upcoming week.

Yes, it is as amazing as it looks! Pink baker's twine with both silver and gold filament, it was love at first sight. When I'm ready to part with it you will find it listed in my shop hehe.

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a lavender crush at the moment, these miniature pegs will be available in the next couple of days. 

These little ones are still a work in progress, but they are coming along very nicely, sweet words in pretty colours for all sorts of gifting occasions. I have a feeling they will fit in nicely with the rest of my collection.

So there you have it, all the fun things that I'm working on. It always takes me a lot more time than I anticipate getting everything up and running, last week was a particularly bad one where I had printer issues, followed by computer issues, followed by paper punch issues, which obviously culminated in emotional issues haha. Only a few hiccups today so that was a welcome change. 

I'll be starting a new blog section tomorrow full of eye candy (of the purchasable variety) so I'll see you then!

Alisha xx

4 February 2014

DIY Wrapping Round-Up

Valentine's day is approaching so I thought I'd put together a heart-themed DIY round-up, and I live by the rule that covering a gift in hearts is appropriate for all sorts of occasions so I definitely think these wraps are suitable all year round.

Brittany from The House That Lars Built has two simple and very pretty DIY gift wrapping tutorials, I absolutely love the hearts cut into the brown paper and underlying red glitter paper. You could use this idea and make multicoloured hearts, polka dots or even funky geometric shapes. And the little white heart stamps on the red paper were made with the end of a pencil! How great is DIY?

I couldn't find the original source of this image, but it was too cute not to include and looks pretty straightforward. Simply carve a mini heart into the end of a cork, add a splash of red paint and then stamp away on some cotton ribbon!

Silvia from Ghirlanda di Popcorn {Italian} made this very adorable confetti garland with miniature hearts and it looks amazing! I want to string one up around my workspace, my bedside table, tie one around a glass vase, use one as a bookmark... I can see this getting out of hand haha.

The Best Day Ever blog has some glittery goodness with this sparkly red heart wrapping. They also show you how to make glitter stripe wrapping, which looks very cool too.

Anna from Facil y Sencill {Spanish} added a felt heart to her lovely wrapping, it looks great up against the spotted mint paper. The little holes punched along the bottom of the gift tag is a great idea too.

I hope there was something in this collection of cuteness that you would like to try yourself, my personal favourite was the confetti garland and it is only be a matter of time before my desk is speckled with tiny paper hearts.

Next up I'll be sharing a few shop updates followed by some more wrapping inspiration, see you all then :)

Alisha xx

9 January 2014

Wrapping Recipe ~ Lovely Lavender

This is a new section for my blog that I'm considering, it will be a series of wrapping ideas and inspiration for you all that is written just like a cooking recipe for a bit of fun, and also so it's easy to do yourself at home. Here is my first 'wrapping recipe' that was inspired by the abundance of lavender growing in my front garden, let me know what you think and if you would like to see more :)

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Serves: a small to medium sized gift, double the recipe for larger items

2 sprigs of lavender (trimmed)
20cm lavender fabric tape
50cm natural jute twine
1m brown paper + regular sticky tape

1. Wrap gift in brown paper using regular sticky tape
2. Apply lavender tape across the top of the wrapped gift, either as pictured or get a bit creative!
3. Wrap jute twine around the gift twice, just next to the fabric tape, and tie into a little bow
4. Insert lavender sprigs under the jute bow
5. Gift your pretty parcel to someone special!

Notes: I used fresh lavender, but you could also dry out a bunch and have them on hand for future gift wrapping projects. That way you wouldn't have to worry about wilting and you would still get the lovely lavender aroma.

Happy wrapping,

Alisha x

3 January 2014


Yesterday I arrived back home after a short break touring the Adelaide Hills and thought I would share a few photos I took along the way with everyone! I stayed in a little town called Hahndorf, which is just about the cutest place I have ever visited.  Whilst there I ate ridiculous amounts of fudge, sipped on fruity drinks and wine, picked strawberries and wandered up and down the main street admiring old buildings and the pretty flowers growing all around.

I also visited Adelaide city briefly, although didn't get to do much since most items on my itinerary were closed for the holiday period - but I did stumble upon a Pop-up Bookshop in Rundle Mall that ended up being the highlight of my visit. It was full of weird and wonderful books, I even picked up some gift wrapping tips while I was there! All books were arranged by colour (amazing right?) with some real rarities to be found on every shelf, there were about 100 books I wanted to bring back home, but sadly had to settle for just four haha.

You can take a peek at some other photos I took during my trip over on Instagram, I hope you all had a great christmas and refreshing new year! And here's to a wonderful 2014 :)

Alisha x